Moot Court Board: Hassell Competition Recap

Named after the late former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., the Moot Court Board hosted its 16th annual constitutional law competition on October 14-15, 2016. Directed by Samuel Walsh, the competition hosted 24 teams from across the nation—only one team short from becoming a tier two competition for the very first time. Not only is this an unprecedented amount, but it's also the furthest reaching with new and returning schools coming from as far as Florida, Texas, and California. Moreover, the final panel of judges was graced by the presence of 4 State Supreme Court Justices from Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Lucille Wall, this year's Chairwoman, said, "Regent Law's Moot Court Board was honored to host such a talented group of oral advocates at this year's Hassell National Moot Court Competition. Not only was the group of students participating diverse and well prepared, they were also excellent advocates who argued with passion and poise. Special thanks to everyone on the Moot Court Board who helped make this event a record-breaking success; to all the faculty who volunteered their time to serve as judges; to the Moot Court Board faculty advisor, Dean Hernandez, for helping craft the problem and providing the Board with consistent support; and for all the teams who raised the bar and made this year's competition as competitive as ever. Lastly, a huge and hearty congratulations to the finalists—Liberty University and the University of South Dakota—on a hard fought final round, and to Liberty for taking home first place. As always, we give all the glory to God for helping us create such a fantastic and memorable competition."

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